Make Your Healthcare Wishes Known

In life, we plan for many things. We prepare for our retirement, plan trips, and save money for our children’s education. Yet, we often forget to plan for our future healthcare treatment. No one can predict when a sudden illness or accident may occur, leaving a person unable to make personal healthcare decisions. Advance care planning is about ensuring that the healthcare treatment you receive is consistent with your wishes and preferences. It’s a gift to you and your family that promotes peace of mind.

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance care planning is the process of coming to understand, reflect on, discuss, and plan for a time when you cannot make your own medical decisions. Effective planning is the best way to make sure your views are respected by your loved ones and health providers. This process provides great comfort to those who may make end-of-life decisions for you.

Your Health Your Choice

Your Health Your Choice is provided as a free service to the residents of Genesee County. First Steps® certified advance care planning facilitators are available at no cost to meet with individuals and guide them through the ACP process. ACP facilitators help you to reflect on and document your end-of-life healthcare wishes and preferences. They help make sure that those wishes are shared with your family, loved ones, and healthcare professionals to ensure that they are honored when you can no longer speak for yourself.